Discover how our custom “Screener” solution helped an institutional investor efficiently track key metrics and uncover investment opportunities through automated data extraction.

User Story: Automated Order Book Tracking

The Challenge

An institutional investor faced difficulties in efficiently tracking order books in a specific sector. The manual process of reviewing filings was time-consuming and prone to errors, often missing critical information. They needed an automated and reliable solution to stay ahead of market changes and make informed decisions quickly.

The Solution: Screener

To address this challenge, we developed the “Screener,” a custom solution leveraging generative AI (LLMs) to automatically extract and organize order book information from company filings.

Key Capabilities of the Screener

  1. Data Extraction: The Screener uses AI to extract detailed order book information from filings automatically.
  2. Custom Filters: Investors can apply filters based on sector, market capitalization, and financial metrics to refine their searches.
  3. Automated Updates: The Screener continuously monitors and updates order book data as new filings are released.

Screencer Opportunities: The capabilities of the Screener can be expanded to track other critical items, such as capacity expansions, revenue/profit guidance.