Imagine having the ability to query filings with natural language to fetch key information in a precise manner.

That’s what the AI-Assist feature does and beyond.

Key Benefits

  1. Natural Language Queries: Use simple, everyday language to ask questions about filings and receive accurate, relevant answers.
  2. Intuitive Chat Interface: Interact with filings through our user-friendly chat interface, making your research process easier and more efficient.
  3. Simplified Research: No need to sift through lengthy documents manually. Get the information you need quickly and accurately.

How AI-Assist Works

  1. Source-Specific Responses: Unlike Chat-GPT, AI-Assist answers only from the underlying sources, not the open internet. This ensures that the information is highly relevant and accurate. Additionally, the sources are shown below each response, allowing you to further deep-dive into the original documents.
  2. Daily Updates: The underlying sources are updated daily with the latest filings released by companies, ensuring you always have access to the most current data.

How to Use AI-Assist

  1. Enter Your Query: Type your question or query in natural language into the chat interface.
  2. Receive Answers: Get precise information pulled directly from the filings. Each response includes links to the original source documents, allowing you to read more and verify the information.
  3. Refine Your Search: Use filters to refine your search by timeline, companies, and filing types to narrow down the results and find exactly what you need.
  4. Follow-Up Questions: If needed, ask follow-up questions to gather more detailed insights and continue your research seamlessly.Tips for Effective Use

Be Specific: The more specific your query, the more precise the response.


Q: Can AI-Assist handle complex queries?

A: Yes, AI-Assist is designed to understand and process complex queries. It leverages RAG based model to retrieve the most relevant content from the filings and respond to the question in the context.