Effortlessly stay updated on company developments with our intelligent announcements filing feed.

Key Benefits

  1. Smart Classification: The feature employs intelligent classification to automatically categorize and label filings based on their content. This provides you with an organized and structured view of the information, facilitating easier navigation and analysis.
  2. Filter Noise: By intelligently filtering out irrelevant filings, the feature helps you focus on the most pertinent updates and disclosures, reducing noise.
  3. Notifications: Tailor the monitoring and alert system to your specific interests and requirements, enabling you to receive notifications for updates from specific companies and filing types, keeping you informed about the developments that matter most to you.

How Announcements Tracker Works

  1. Smart Classification: The system analyzes the content of filings and automatically categorize them into pre-defined categories, based on content similarity.
  2. Noise Filtering: The feature filters out non-essential filings, ensuring that you only see updates that are significant.

How to Use Announcements Tracker

  1. Add to Watchlist & Setup Notifications: You can tailor the notifications to your specific watchlist stocks, enabling you to receive email updates from specific companies.